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Pokémon Diamond title screen. The snake is not a Pokémon, nor does it appear anywhere in the game.
Pokémon Diamond title screen. The snake is not a Pokémon, nor does it appear anywhere in the game.
Pokémon Diamond and Jade are bootlegged versions of Keitai Denjuu Telefang. Keitai Denjuu Telefang were divided into two versions, Power and Speed. Pokémon Diamond, not to be confused with the legitimate Pokémon Diamond for the DS, was pirated from Power Version, and Pokémon Jade was pirated from Speed Version.

A screenshot of Pokémon Diamond. Note the poor grammar.
A screenshot of Pokémon Diamond. Note the poor grammar.
Noteworthy about the bootlegs is the poor Engrish translation. Some of the infamous lines are "Some points of 5 lost!", "For the clever opponent, Injure increase!!" and "In severe illness!", among many others. There is also profanity in the games. Many characters and Denjuu (electric monsters) have had their names changed. Some of them are slight changes: for example, one Denjuu called Crypto is called Kuribute in the bootleg. Others are changed completely and inexplicably: for example, the Denjuu Easy Dog becomes Hat, Chameraid becomes Icecream, and Funmachine becomes Game Boy; similarly, the character Kai is interchangably called Boundary, Ken, and Kate.

It also has numerous glitches, the most notable one is that most cartridges cannot load a saved game. Other glitches include crashing after the Game Over screen, and crashing after dialing numbers of secret Denjuu.

Pokémon Diamond and Jade were once rampantly sold on auction sites like eBay, but have since been banned. Nevertheless, copies spring up from time to time.

[edit] Bugs and Glitches

The bootleg version contains numerous glitches, which is the reason why it is so notable.

  • The game would not load a save on some carts. Depending on the emulator, selecting "Contin[ue]" when a saved game is present will either cause the game to freeze entirely (which means you cannot do anything until you reset the emulator) or act as if there is no saved game. The problem is not the saved data; the saved data is actually present, but the bootleg cannot load it properly. If one saves on Diamond, then plays Power and imports the save (possible with VisualBoyAdvance or another emulator), it will load the save fine; however, the nicknames will be messed up.
  • Dialing secret Denjuu causes the game to crash. This makes it impossible to obtain secret Denjuu without cheat codes.
  • Selecting "Prop" when you have no items causes the game to crash.
  • Pressing A+B+Select+Start simultaneously causes the game to crash. On normal Game Boy games (not only Telefang), this makes the game produce a soft reset.
  • Pressing Start after the Game Over screen causes the game to crash.
  • Rapidly pressing B somewhere in the phone menu screen sometimes causes the game to crash. How this happens exactly is currently unknown.
  • The player cannot be named; he/she is automatically named "Bek".
  • Denjuu cannot be nicknamed; they are auto-nicknamed (with the 6-character limit that the original already had). Additionally, the Lampgela obtained in the game is nicknamed "o".
  • The color palette is glitched in the introduction.
  • Custom tunes can not be created. When attempting to do so, screeching noises sound, making this feature unusable.
  • There is a glitch in Ion Island where the door sometimes locks up after beating Gypsophi.
  • On some carts, vases can not be picked up after you shut off the power. However, considering that some carts can not save, this glitch will not even matter.
  • When playing in monochrome mode, the title screen is invisible until the Start button is pressed, at which point it darkens and becomes visible.
  • When playing in monochrome mode, the background of the letters in the phone menu screen are darker than they should be.
  • Credits are removed, and just has a modified "THANK YOU FOR YOUR PLAYING!" text.
  • The game's clock does not function as it should. It does not run in real time. This is evident when one uses an emulator. When the emulator is paused, sped up, or slowed down, the clock will pause/speed up/slow down as well. In contrast, in the original version, the clock runs at a constant speed (real time) no matter what. In addition, in the bootleg, a second in the game passes after every 50 frames instead of 60, making the clock run 20% faster than normal.

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